SAIPAN, 07 SEPTEMBER 2017 (RNZI)-  The Northern Marianas Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has told residents of the islands to seek shelter indoors in case of a nuclear attack.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas.


Its planner and grants manager BJ Nicolas said his office was monitoring the North Korea situation with the Guam Homeland Security Office of Civil Defense and Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

Nicolas said information between the three agencies was constantly shared.

He said if worse came to worst, it would be best to stay indoors to prevent a fatal nuclear fallout following the initial blast.

This was also assuming that the blast area did not affect the CNMI.

North Korean leader Kim Jung Un has continued his rhetoric to attack the US, specifically its Pacific territory of Guam which is home to three US military bases.

Kim is increasing the stakes with the testing of a hydrogen bomb earlier this week.

The CNMI is just 215 kilometres from Guam. pacnews [/restrict]