Filipino-Canadian comedian Mikey Bustos is an instant hit in Palau, where tickets to his concert have been sold out two nights before the event.

Bustos is known from his parody of Luis Fonsi’s international hit “Despacito”  His version, I Wear Speedos  had more than 27 million  views on Facebook and almost 4 million views on his YouTube channel.


Bustos was invited to Palau by a Filipino who met him in the U.S.  Bustos said he immediately obliged to the invitation as he has heard good things about Palau.

“I saw pictures of Palau and it looked really amazing,” Bustos said in interview.

He said when he arrived on Wednesday morning, he was awed by the  number  of people who welcomed him at the Palau International Airport.

He was welcomed with cultural dances. He said  Filipinos and Palauans  who make him feel at home.

Bustos is not only a comedian and a songwriter, he was also a Top 10 finalist for Canadian Idol in 2003.

The love of writing and performing parodies begun three years ago, when he decided to upload videos on YouTube one day to create a funny version of Despacito.

Bustos said he is also in Palau to help raise funds for the new Filipino Association in Palau.

Having been born in Canada and growing up without Filipino friends, his parodies of  incorporating Filipino culture and performing among the Filipino community in several parts of the world make him proud of his Filipino culture.

He is also excited to perform in Palau and promises the crowd an entertaining fun-filled evening this Saturday evening at Ngarachamayong Cultural Center.

He said Palau has inspired him to do another parody but he won’t give a preview just yet. (B. Carreon) [/restrict]