Palau is fortunate to have many people near and far that go out of their way to help those most in need selflessly with no reward expected other than doing good deeds to benefit your fellowmen. 

This is true of Mr. & Mrs. Green from Arizona, USA, Elders of their Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who decided to dedicate 18 months of their lives to selfless service.  The couple has heard that some students in Palau could use help with school supplies and flew to Palau at their own expense, and bought backpacks and school supplies from local stores to donate to students in need at Koror Elementary School.

“While here, we also heard that another school, Meyuns Elementary School, also has students in need of school supplies and we are working on providing those as well,” stated Elder Green.

Mr. Green said that after retiring from the military, he and his wife decided to dedicate a time of their lives to service.  They provide service where it is needed and they do so at their own expense.

Mr. and Mrs. Green had an opportunity while here to attend Palau’s Biodiversity Showcase and supported many local producers and artists by purchasing local souvenirs.

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