The Orientation for MOFA and ICDF scholarship was held on September 7, 2021, at the Ministry of Education. In the meeting, Ambassador Wallace Chow of the Republic of China (Taiwan) awarded certificates of the said scholarship to 16 Palauan students (10 students awarded MOFA Taiwan Scholarship and 6 students awarded ICDF International Higher Education Scholarship).
In his remarks, Ambassador Chow congratulated the recipients and expressed his gratitude of the assistance from Ministry of Education and Palau National Scholarship Board. As the pandemic is still raging globally, Taiwan and Palau are both one of the few countries in the world can travel safely. Ambassador Chow encouraged students to study hard and actively explore Taiwan in their spare time.
Palau Education Minister Dr. Dale Jenkins expressed appreciation to Taiwan for providing scholarships and training talents for Palau. He also encouraged students to absorb knowledge as much as possible and to enrich themselves.
Four previous scholarship awardees attended the orientation to share their experiences and fully communicated with the students and parents.
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) provides scholarships for Palauan students to study bachelor and above degree in Taiwan in the fields including medical, international trade, mechanical engineering, information technology, and electronic engineering etc.
The 16 scholarship awardees are: Ngelmau Dirrukebid Polloi, Ikelau Lorinda Uro, Josiah Matlock Madlutk, Edson Kaweo Ngiraiwet, Marelang Kintaro, Judge Blelai Masao, Alayna Kerbil Alonz, Angelil Parrado Sisior, Mirang Sheana Rhea Subediang, Eoghan Ngirudelsang, Kerrick Souad Remoket, Ki-Shea Ngesmaos Liep, Dilklumech Ilyasiah David, Yolsau Emma Victor, Byron Meltel Silil, and Kersten Indin Dismas
Due to the good bilateral relationship, Taiwan’s high quality of life and education, and relatively close to Palau in distance, Taiwan has become one of the most chosen destinations for Palauan students. Now there have been more than 150 Palauan recipients of the said scholarships.

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