Cartoon hand drawn 100 dollar bill with stylized Franklin portrait. Play money or fake banknote vector illustration.

By: L.N. Reklai

The case over the use of counterfeit $100-dollar bill reported in April of this year is still under investigation, according to Public Information Officer Mr. Jose Ise of the Ministry of Justice.

“The case is still under investigation with more related matters being investigated. We can’t say at this time any of the details due to ongoing investigation but the case is not closed,” stated PIO Ise.

In April of this year, a report of a counterfeit $100-dollar bill being used at the DFS Store at Palasia Hotel prompted a police investigation.

It was reported that a local woman had used the fake currency to purchase items at the store and was a known customer.

The fake currency had an ink streak on it which indicated that the currency was counterfeit. It also had Cambodian characters on it which indicated that it may be play-money used by Cambodians during their funeral rites honoring their dead.

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