Court has ordered the return of monies received from lease rental proceeds of Roiskebesang to Ngerkebesang hamlet by chiefs of Ngerkebesang Rechebei and Rengiil ra Okereng (Olikong Katosang and Elbuchel Sadang), which they received for the lease of Roisekebesang.

The order stemmed from a case where the chiefs of Ngerkebesang hamlet, namely Espangel George Kebekol, Rechebei Olikong Katosang, Rengiil ra Cheluiil Francisco Gibbons and Rengiil ra Okereng Elbuchel Sadang, as representatives of Ngerkebesang hamlet executed a commercial lease, leasing Roiskebesang to Palau Palm Springs Investment Development Ltd., for 4 million dollars.

The four chiefs received $1,750,000 of the proceeds, while Ikluk and Ibedul received $1,850,000.

In the initial order judgment, the court ruled that the funds received belonged to Ngarkebesang and that the chiefs were mere trustees.  Ikuk’s financial assets were immediately seized but others were not.  Due to conflicts of interest of attorneys with individual defendants, the case was broken down to individuals sued separately.

Defendant and cross-claimant Ikluk sued the two chiefs Rechebei Katosang and Rengiil ra Okereng, to return the monies they also received as part of the claim.

The court agreed with Ikluk and granted summary judgment against the two chiefs.  The remaining chiefs with similar cases are Ibdul’s estate, Kebekol’s Estate, and Rengiil ra Cheluiil Francisco Gibbons.

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