Trial court presiding Justice Kathleen Salii has issued an order granting a motion from defendant Teddy Teodoro to declare statements he made to the police inadmissible in court.

Mr. Teodoro was charged on counts of Trafficking in Controlled Substance and Possession of Controlled Substance, in relation to a seizure of nearly 500 grams of methamphetamine in March of this year in a crate from the Philippines addressed to Teodoro.

Defendant claimed he did not sign the written statements given to him by the police and that he was not read his rights and was not informed of his rights to counsel when he was arrested and questioned by the police.

In the order issued by Justice Salii, it states, “Statement obtained from defendant Teddy Teodore during his arrest, his interrogation and conversation with Director Aguon or any other law enforcement officers and the statement in type-written form which were presented to him to sign, are inadmissible against him.”

Mr. Teodoro was arrested and charged for Trafficking of Controlled Substance and Possession of Controlled Substance, to which he pled not guilty.

In the charging documents, police said that Mr. Teodoro had said that the crate sent to his name through cargo was not for him but for his employer Felix Francisco.  The crate was found to contain methamphetamine or (ice) worth over $2.5 million dollars, hidden in hollows under it. Furthermore, the statement made by Teodoro recounted that Mr. Francisco, Teodoro’s employer had instructed him to pick up the cargo, implicating his employer Felix Francisco. 

The court order made these statements by Teodoro inadmissible in court, meaning they cannot be used against him in his trial.

Meanwhile, his employer Mr. Felix Francisco, who was arrested based partially on the same statements and was in custody pending trial, was approved by court to go home on June 19th, under home custody, to watch his kids while his wife was off-island until her return on August 1st

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