The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) yesterday announced the sentencing of Philippine national Beth Adelbai, who will be deported after serving one year of her three- year sentence.

On April 10, 2017, before Associate Justice Lourdes F. Materne of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of the  Republic of Palau, Defendant Adelbai plead guilty to one count of Obtaining a Government-Issued Identification Document Under false Pretenses in the Second Degree. Pursuant to the plea agreement approved by the Court, Defendant Adelbai is sentenced to a three-month prison term set to begin immediately.


However because Adelbai had a history of criminal offenses in Palau including a Criminal case 9-058 where she pled guilty to one count of conversion of public funds and property and was ordered to pay $73,000 to ROP. Under that case, Adelbai is under probation.  The court however found Defendant Adelbai violated the conditions of her probation, thus an order of her deportation to the Philippines.

According to a press release from the OSP during the April 10  plea hearing Defendant Adelbai admitted that in 2015 she submitted false documentation to the Bureau of Immigration and Foreign Labor in an effort to seek an extensions for her own non-resident work permit

Adelbai admitted that her application to authorities included a false Police Clearance Form which intentionally misrepresented her criminal history in the Republic of Palau in order to receive the required work permit extension .

The defendant is a convicted felon in the Republic of Palau pursuant to her prior felony conviction in Criminal Case No. 09-058, for which she was still on probation at the time she submitted the false documentation to the Bureau of Immigration and Foreign Labor. Because Defendant Adelbai was still on probation, the OSP also initiated probation revocation proceedings simultaneous to the tiling of new criminal charges.

“The Special Prosecutor’s office hopes the result of these cases acts as a deterrence to others who may seek to undermine the legitimate screening mechanisms in place designed to keep convicted non-resident felons out of our community,” the release stated.

It added,  “ultimately, in addition to holding Defendant Adelbai accountable for her actions, the OSP wants the public to know that the government takes violations of the labor laws very seriously and stresses that the Republic of Palau will not tolerate this kind of deceptive conduct. The facts presented here also provide an opportunity for the Republic of Palau to reevaluate the current procedures in place in order increase communication between interested government offices so that the Republic can catch such deceitful behavior at the outset and not after the fact.

For more information concerning the facts and circumstance of the cases described above, please refer to the respective case files at the Clerk of Courts at the Judiciary Building in Koror. [/restrict]