Palau court to get a new elevator by the end of September to make court premises more accessible to the senior citizens.

The elevator is still under construction, Surangel and Sons are responsible to see the completion of the project.

Director of Administration Keiden Kintol said, “The elevator is to address senior citizens who cannot climb the stairs, we decided to make the elevator specifically for senior citizens.”

Kintol added that even though the elevator is being constructed keeping senior citizens in mind, it will be open to all.

However, the priority will be given to differently abled and the senior citizens.

Report published by Government of Palau on Rights of Persons with disability states that the Supreme Court is accessible for persons with disabilities via designated parking spaces and ramps for wheelchair access. Reasonable accommodation is also provided to persons with disabilities seeking to access services located on the 2nd floor of the Supreme Court.

When enquired about the funds dedicated to the new elevator, Rose Ongalibang couldn’t comment stating that she was off duty.

As per World Factbook published by the United States Cental Investigation Agency, Palau has 765 males and 1,384 females in the age group of 55-64 years. The age group 65 years and over consist of 464 males and 1,365 females. The report based on 2018 survey suggests that 18.49% of Palauans are aged 55 and above. (Eshan Kalyanikar)