Former Senator Alfonso Diaz is working on building a non-government organization Veterans Association Post in Ngermid Hamlet in Palau where Former veterans can gather and register themselves as an organization.

The Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Post is different from the recently established group of veterans called “Veterans of the United States Armed Forces in Palau.”

In creating this organization, veterans will work together to select a post commander and hope to work with the government as a leading guide rope in being able to able to provide benefits to Palau.

In building this post, veterans can share ideas about ways to bring in benefits such as medical and housing for the many retired veterans in Palau. Palauan veterans currently do not have access to these benefits on island after serving the United States military and have to go to the US using their own money just to avail of the services entitled to them.

Diaz, during his term as Senator, was able to have the U.S provide a paid education to those veterans here who want to attend Palau Community College (PCC).

He went on to say that some of these veterans suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) and are in need of full medical attention but because they have chosen to reside in Palau, it’s hard to attain them.

Diaz went on to say that these people often live alone or away from society often living in places like Babeldaob for they can’t properly socialize.

In creating a post, veterans can come together and talk about their experiences relieving themselves of all the stress they have bottled up surrounded by people who’ve been through the military and know what they’ve been through.

In his trip to Guam, former Senator Diaz, visited Guam’s veteran’s post 1509. The Post was made to have a place for retired Veterans to gather and relax around people who have had experience in the army. They would gather and talk about issues and personal issues. Almost like a little getaway club for these people to gather.

He has fixed a consensus that he will submit to the Post Commander in Guam, who oversees the post in Guam, Saipan and Hawaii.

The consensus has 35 names that fits in the requirement for the post and after that he will continue to build Palau’s first VFW. (By Kerdeu Uong)