This is a tough subject in modern society because we are taught to hide our brokenness at all cost.  I’ve spent hours with various people who have lifetime of hiding and covering over their weak and wounded hearts. Some are professionals at covering up.  They can quote Scriptures and spiritual cliché to distance themselves from appearing imperfect or flawed.

Social media encourages us to display our best and winning side, while hiding the broken, wounded and weak aspects of our hearts that are naked, poor and blind and wretched and miserable.

The pharisees did everything they could to look perfect while covering up their deep wounds and broken hearts. Its easy to see them in their condescending eye.  But we too can live like white washed tombs … clean on the outside yet filled with dead bones on the inside.  Trying to impress others with great outward expressions while ignoring the dying self rotting underneath is bondage… slaves to Pride abd Fear.

What are we so afraid of? Pride partners with fear to keep us from admitting that we need help and to humble ourselves to receive.  Some are just so full of themselves they have to always be two steps ahead of you or two levels above you.

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