Despite non-stop drizzling rain, crowds from all over the island flocked to the 26th Independence celebration activities at the newly improved Ernguul Park aka “Global Village” in Koror.

Sixteen (16) State and as well as businesses, student groups and non-governmental organizations had booths had set up to sell foods and drinks including handicrafts as well as knickknacks in the wide open area next to the Palau National Gym.

Dance performances both traditional and mixed styles and live bands entertained the crowd throughout the day despite the rain.

Special art exhibition was held earlier in the day at the newly renovated OEK satellite office, showcasing artwork of various local artists.

The formal event with speeches and presentations of national leaders took place at the newly renovated Palau National Gym.  The venue is the main Plenary Hall of the OOC 2020 and as such, people entering the venue were instructed to wipe dry their feet, not bring any drinks or food into the venue.

Many of the participants that have been in the booths all day, preferred to stay outside and watched the program on tv screens.

It has been nearly four years since the Independence Day celebration was held in Koror and people were visibly enjoying the activities and programs at the newly improved location.  

The full day of celebration was wrapped up with a short 20 minute fireworks which did not fail to give thrills to those who came to watch, especially young children.

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