The Embassy of Japan and the Belau Tourism Association (BTA) organized the 4th Ikebana flower arrangement event with a celebrated Japanese Ikebana Artist, Ms. Koen Yokoi, under the theme of “Eco and Earth” on Thursday and Friday at Ernguul Park.

On Thursday many participants attended the two-hour workshop sessions to learn the basic techniques of the Art of Ikebana and the Art of Japanese rock garden.

Yokoi showed participants how to create their own flower arrangements using bamboo as a flower vase. Participants later used rocks, sand, small plants and flowers to create their own rock garden.

On Friday, at the Green Fair event, Yokoi conducted an Ikebana demonstration expressing both life and death in one artwork.

The Ikebana contest was also held on the same day and the award selected by Yokoi went to Julie Jiro. The Embassy of Japan award went to Helene Moros and the BTA award to Peggy Hanser.

The rest of the participants received $25.00 fuel certificate from IP&E.

The highlight of the event was a live Ikebana performance by Yokoi using Japanese sakura (cherry blossoms) and Nanyo sakura (flame tree). Her artwork was dedicated to the celebration of the bond of friendship between Japan and Palau which marks its’ 25th year of diplomatic relations this year.

The Embassy of Japan and BTA express their gratitude to donors and supporters who contributed to the success of this year’s Ikebana Workshop. (PR)