A dangerous convict, Amador Osima, who has a history of jailbreaks, escaped again on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at about 2:50pm, according to a report from the Bureau of Public Safety.

His escape was noticed at 2:50pm, when he was heard running on the tin roof before jumping over the fence prompting a manhunt. He was captured at 3:15pm, less than 30 minutes after his escape in the Butilei area, below the new West Plaza Hotel in Meketii, Koror.

Bureau of Public Safety Director Ismael Aguon said that an investigation is being conducted into how he was able to escape.

Amador Osima is serving a 30-year sentence for the horrific murder of a Philippine national, Virginia Ventura, committed in June of 2011. He had followed and hacked Ms. Ventura with a machete, killing her for no identified reason other than that he “wanted to kill someone”. Six months prior to killing Ms. Ventura, he had raped a five-year old boy. He was out pending his rape case when he murdered Ventura.

In 2016, he escaped solitary confinement in prison which led to the biggest manhunt in Palau’s history. He was found and recaptured five days later near SDA Adventist Church.

He is serving his rape sentence and murder sentence concurrently. In finding him guilty of Second Degree Manslaughter, the judge in his 2013 murder conviction said, “Taking the life of Ms. Ventura because that was the day the defendant wanted to kill a person is an evil act that shows no regard for the value of human life. The defendant is a danger to society”.

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