The President of Palau Community College has done a study on traditional system of Palau where the community supports each other monetarily after the death of a member and plans to reveal the data at a women’s conference which will be held on September 18, 19.

It is the 26th anniversary of Mechesil Belau and the conference will be a two-day event and starts at 9 AM at Cultural Center in Koror and is open to all.

To understand the exact amount spent on funerals, the PCC President Patrick Tellei has done a quantitative study that captures ten years of Palauan funerals.

Tellei will be a panel expert on education and he will be present on the second day of the event.

Tellei said that as the research is quantitative it strictly talks about the factual numbers in terms of monetary exchange and the years. The entire study will be officially published next year.

Although, Tellei plans to unveil the data collected through this study at a conference organized by Mechesil Belau (Women’s organization) where he is invited to be a special guest.

To be able to pay at the funerals, the locals often end up borrowing huge sum of money from the bank. A Bank of Hawaii employee said that the loan is given based on the financial capacity of the person.

However, the BOH employee added that when an individual approach the bank to borrow money, the reason they are borrowing the money for is directly sent to the BOH head office. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)