The petition to amend the constitution to limit absentee voting to Palauans who are away from the country continues to roll out and petitioners are expecting a total of 3,200 signatures after disseminating 32 petition sheets.

Palauan citizen Tutii Chilton said that they need at least 25% of the registered voters to sign the petition to be able to get a nation-wide referendum where Palauans can vote if they want the proposed amendment or not.

Chilton added that they are currently working on another charge to get the needed 5,000 signatures.

“At least the people of Palau can vote whether they want this amendment or not. But at least get to vote so your voice will be heard,” Chilton said.

Former President Johnson Toribiong served as the petitioners’ advisor and has helped them in the legal and technical aspects of the petition.

The petition seeks to amend current version of Article VII of Palau’s constitution to “require that a voter must cast his or her vote within the geographic territory of the Republic of Palau, as defined by Article I of the Palau Constitution, in order for his or her vote to be valid.”

It also seeks to prohibit voting by absentee ballot in both national and state elections except to voters who are “temporarily away from the geographic territory” of the country.

Chilton added that those who are interested to sign the petition and help collect signatures may contact him at 779-1674 or email him at He also said that interested individuals can also stop by Ernguul Park from 11am to 1pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of October 2019. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)