Greg Decherong, the former Chairman of the Board of Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC), is now the full-fledged  Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of PPUC after he accepted and signed a contract with PPUC Board on Monday.  He is no longer a member of the PPUC Board of Directors but a contracted employee.

Decherong who served on the Board of Directors of PPUC since 2017, was one of the applicants to the position of Chief Operating Officer of PPUC since the position became vacant in 2018.

According to sources, three applications for the position were submitted which included one non-local and two local applicants.  The non-local was not entertained due to preference for local person leaving two remaining applications.  The two local applicants were Paul Ueki and Greg Decherong and Greg Decherong’s application was accepted by the Board.

Decherong had served as Chairman of the Board of PPUC since 2018 and when former CEO Kione Isechal’s contract expired, Mr. Decherong, by PPUC Board rules also began serving as Acting CEO until this week.  According to PPUC Board bylaws, in absence of a CEO, the Chairman of the Board becomes the acting CEO until a CEO is in place.  And while acting as a CEO, he is not paid a CEO salary.

Mr. Reagan Belechel, former Vice Chairman of the Board of PPUC became the Chairman of the Board replacing Decherong.  The Board, however, did not elect a vice chairman but chose to wait until it has full membership to elect a vice chairman.  PPUC Board Bylaws sets the date for the next election of Board officers to July of this year.

Palau Public Utilities Corporation oversees and manages three of Palau largest public utility services, power, water and sewer.