Koror, Palau – On January 5, 2017, the Environmental Quality Protection Board held its regularly scheduled board meeting of the year to discuss several permits (Commercial and Government/NGO) as well as a few legal matters.


Approved residential applications included: Dengelei Kubarii to construct a 2-bedroom house in Ngardmau; Desiiu Ngirkelau and Antonia Baiei Newton to construct a 2-bedroom house in Ngermid; Ismael Anastacio to construct a 3-bedroom house connecting to a holding tank; Veronica Malsol to fill an area in Ngkeklau, Ngaraard; Fredrick Antonio to fill, grade, and level their front yard in Ngerubesang, Melekeok.

Approved commercial applications included: NM Construction to construct a 12-room barracks in Ngebudel, Airai; Ephram Polycarp to backfill a mangrove area for parking in Ngermid, Koror.

Approved Government/NGO applications included: Cleared Ground Demining to extend their permit to perform explosive demolitions at the Aimeliik Demolitions Range; Ngermechau Klobak Association to construct a multipurpose community center at Ngermechau, Ngiwal; Bureau of Public Works for the Ngeremlengui Compact Connecting Road Paving Project Phase V at Ngermeskang, Ngeremlengui; Koror State Government to construct a retaining wall for a proposed basketball court at Idid, Koror; Koror State Government to construct an access stairway at Idid, Koror.

Applicants are reminded that although their permits have been approved, work should not commence until they have obtained the signed permit with conditions set by the Board.

For legal matters, the Board discussed NOV 17-08, Rusty Rhodas and Johnson Iechad, for violation of Earthmoving Regulations and Toilet Facilities and Wastewater Disposal Systems Requirement Regulations.

The Board also entertained a request for a public hearing from Palau Central Hotel regarding Order 17-03 that was issued for violation of Earthmoving and Solid Waste Management Regulations.

For more information, please call the EQPB office at 488-1639/3600. [/restrict]