The number of tourists visiting Palau up till last month has fallen by 9,608 with total visitors being 34,636 compared to 44,244 last year, suggests Palau Visitor Authority (PVA) report.

Last month has shown less number of tourists visiting Palau with a decrease of 1,953 as compared to last year’s April that touched 10,337 visitor arrivals.

The data also shows that this year’s April saw 4408 male visitors in total and 4028 female visitors. Although the age group of 18-29 shows that 1013 females visited Palau in the month of April while there were 656 males.

The number of female visitors in April belonging to the age group of 30-39 was 1152 which was the highest compared to other age groups but so was the number of males which went up 1210 in the same age group.

Taiwan and USA/Canada tourists spiked up in the month of April this year to 1,104 and 778 while last year it was 830 from Taiwan and 709 from USA/Canada.

However, the PVA report that compares the monthly visitor arrivals from 2018 to this year stated that Japanese visitors to Palau have dropped by 804in April with total visitors from Japan being 1,763.

Even though there is a drop in the number of Chinese visiting Palau last month, China is still the highest contributor to tourism in the month of April with 3,196 tourists visiting this year and 4,275 last year.

Chinese visitors remains to be more in number from January to April this year compared to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, USA/Canada, Europe and others nations.

China has in fact provided the highest number of tourists throughout the year 2018 with exception of November and December where Japan topped the list sending 1,502 and 2,261 tourists respectively. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)