Honorable Jonathan “Cio” Isechal, Delegate of Peleliu State and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, of the House Delegates has made the first donation to the 17th Anniversary fundraising event for Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). [restrict]

Chairman Isechal, donated $300 from his influential committee to support PICRC’s upcoming fundraiser that will be held on January 18, 2018.   PICRC is most grateful to Delegate Isechal for this donation and for his continued support of the Center throughout his career.

Every donation counts sustain the operations of the Center.  PICRC welcomes more like Delegate Isechal to donate now to support Palau’s primary Research Center and Aquarium.

For more information about the upcoming PICRC 17th Anniversary event, please contact Ilebrang U. Olkeriil, Development Coordinator at Tel: 488-6950  or email: iolkeriil@picrc.org.   Tickets for the 17th Anniversary Fundraising Event will be available soon. (PR)