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More and more patients are diagnosed of dengue fever since the Ministry of Health (MOH) declared dengue outbreak later last year, making the head count now at 44.

In the latest Situation Report issued by MOH last January 4, 13 more dengue fever cases were recorded from December 28 to January 3 alone.

Majority of the infected individuals were found to be residents of Koror, Palau’s most populous state. The youngest patient is 3 years old while the oldest is 85.

Eighty percent of the patients are Palauans while the remaining numbers are comprised of Bangladeshi, Filipino, Chinese, and Taiwanese nationals.

The MOH first alerted the public on December 7, 2018 after two dengue fever cases were confirmed to be caused by dengue serotype-3 virus. This is the first time that the dengue serotype-3 virus has been documented in Palau, making the whole population vulnerable to it.

Health Minister Emais Roberts previously said that everyone is susceptible to the new virus since a person can only be immune to a virus that he or she already encountered. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)