As part of the initiative to standardize the educational system in the country, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is now working to ensure public schools will be accredited by an international accrediting body.

MOE Chief of School Management Raynold Mechol told Island Times in an interview that the accreditation is very important as it will put Palauan schools on the map.

The accreditation, according to Mechol, includes school improvement process and a demonstration that educators are qualified to teach the subject they are teaching.

“I’m hoping that within three years’ time, all our public schools will have some form of status within the accrediting commission,” Mechol said.

It was in 2006 when the country had Palau High School (PHS) as the first high school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an accrediting body working in the regions of Western United States, the Pacific, and even in Southeast Asia.

PHS, according to Mechol, already had a full accreditation through WASC’s high school and elementary accrediting commission.

Koror Elementary School, G.B. Harris Elementary School, Meyuns Elementary School, and Melekeok Elementary School already went through the initial accreditation process and had since gained candidacy status. These schools are scheduled for a full visit by the WASC in 2021.

Schools in Airai, Peleliu, Ngarchelong, Ngaremlengui, Ngaraard, and Aimeliik are also set to undergo the initial accreditation process while the four remaining schools such as Angaur, Ibobang, Ngardmau, and Kayangel will be submitting their affiliation forms to WASC so that they can start the process. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)