Between October and December, there were more than 40 cases alone of dengue fever in Palau, according to the Office of the President.

In a briefing on January 4, Press Secretary Olkeriil Kazuo said that according to the Bureau of Public Health because it’s the rainy season the rain not only brings forth common colds but also mosquitoes.


In a leadership meeting Tuesday, the Environmental Health will work together with leaders from each state on informing the public concerning safety precautions that needs to be taken around residential homes to help control and avoid dengue.

“Right now, the Division of Environmental Health is targeting homes of those specific individuals that were affected – by spraying their homes and maintaining the spread of dengue,” Kazuo said in a briefing.

He also said that in 2016 there were more than 50 cases but has risen just during the last months of October to December.

Earlier last week, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp (CHC). urged CNMI residents to be cautious of dengue   after it  was reported in Palau.

Symptoms of dengue fever are severe headache, severe eye pain (behind eyes) , joint pain muscle and/or bone pain rash mild bleeding manifestation and low white cell count.  [/restrict]