A mosquito-transmitted disease, ‘Dengue Fever’, is reported to be on the rise as records show an increasing number of cases at Belau National Hospital, authorities warned.

A statement issued by the Bureau of Public Health confirmed, the number of cases of dengue fever seen at the Belau National Hospital has risen and the public has been warned to avoid being infected from mosquito bites.


Given the amount of rainfall in recent weeks it is expected to increase the mosquito population on water and rubbish areas.

A call has come to the public, communities, groups and organizations to work together to maintain cleanliness by destroying mosquito breeding sites surrounding homes and elsewhere.

Health authorities explained, Zika virus is spread by the same Aedes mosquitoes that carry dengue fever.  Because of the risks associated with Zika infection during pregnancy, pregnant women are strongly advised not to travel to places with ongoing transmission of Zika virus and to take extra precautions to avoid infection. If any person thinks he/she might be infected, they are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention and see a doctor.

For more information on mosquito-borne diseases, please contact the Bureau of Public Health, Epidemiology Unit at 488-2212 or 488-1360 ext.226 and for more tips on how to stop the breeding of mosquitoes and prevent infection, please contact Vector Control & Prevention Program at the Division of Environmental Health at 488-6073 or 488-6345. [/restrict]