Mr. Avuelino Haruo

United States government deported to Palau a Palauan citizen convicted of sexual assault of a child in the United States.  The deported person, Mr. Avuelino Haruo, arrived unescorted on the August 14th flight via Guam.

Mr. Haruo, according to documents submitted by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), had recently completed his sentence at the New Lisbon Correctional Institution at New Lisbon, Wisconsin and ordered to be deported to Palau.

According to the documents, Mr. Haruo was convicted in 1992 for Physical Abuse of a Child/Cruelty Toward a Child and in 1993 for First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child in 5 counts. 

Under Palau Penal Code Title 17, Chapter 17, is the Sex Offender Registration law which requires anyone convicted of a sex offense to register with the Attorney General’s Office and provide details of the person, their residence and work.  If a sex offender is registered in another jurisdiction, he or she must register with Palau’s Attorney General’s Office within 10 days upon arrival.

This information is supposed to be public and allows law enforcement to track sex offenders and use information during investigations.  Furthermore, it is supposed to be accessible to public as way to keep children safe.

In 2016, former Attorney General John Bradley reported that there were 67 sex offenders that needed to register.

Failure to comply with the law, can result in filing of criminal charges.

The punishment for failure to register is a Class C felony, which is 1-10 years of imprisonment and an optional fine of up to $10, 000.

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