President Remengesau said while United States might be taking a different direction on climate change issue, Palau would continue to be on the frontline of the global effort to combat the impacts of climate change.

In a press conference, Jan. 25, Remengesau said Palau must be ready to put more of its own resources and efforts to management of its environment.


U.S. President Donald Trump is a climate change doubter and reports say that it has muzzled the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in continuing with climate change initiatives.

News report said that EPA was told to remove the climate change page from its website.

The U.S. is one of Palau’s strongest ally, influencing its economy and policies. During the administration of former President Barack Obama, Pacific island nations such as Palau were praised for its efforts in the fight against climate change.

Remengesau in his inaugural speech said that combating climate change would still be a priority for Palau.

“We have also taken major steps to strengthen the resilience of our island and ocean to climate change. In doing so, we have greatly improved our food security and sustainable livelihoods, and strengthened our economy,” he stated.

He also highlighted his famed Palau National Marine Sanctuary initiative, which he said will strengthen Palau’s domestic fishing capacity, thereby improving our local economy, while allowing fish stocks to rebound both in our waters and throughout the Pacific Ocean.

He added that Palau is also committed to expanding the use of renewable energy and cut down reliance on fossil fuel.

Remengesau said that despite doubts expressed by Trump administration on climate change impacts, science and reality shows that it’s happening.

Small island nations are especially vulnerable to rising seas, coastal erosion and severe natural disasters. [/restrict]