The Bureau of Public Works (BPW) is planning on making bicycle friendly, differently-abled friendly roads by July next year as a part of Our Oceans Conference.

There will be bicycle lanes created on the existing roads as a part of road rehabilitation project which is pending as the roads remain unpaved due to PPUC repairs. There is also a plan to make roadside areas differently-abled friendly.

Director of Public Works Brian Melairei said that there won’t be different construction made for the bicycle lanes but it will be created by putting markings on the road.

He added that vehicles can enter the lanes created for bicycle as well provided the lane is empty. Although he clarified that priority will be given to the bicycles in the lane.

Melairei also said that there was a movement several years back which was called ‘Complete Street’ and it demanded separate roadways for bicycles. He added that it couldn’t materialize as the size of the road was not enough to be dedicated exclusively for bicycle.

Melairei said, “We recently gave contract to Willian Construction Company to rebuild the roadside areas from Post Office to the intersection.”

Expressing relief about it, Melairei said that there will be, pedestrian light, shady trees and benches on the road by next year.

Willian Construction Company is a Palauan company, Melairei said that preference is given to Palauan companies provided the magnitude of expenditure is in their capacity.(By Eshan Kalyanikar)