The Nippon Foundation’s “Enhancing Coast Guard Capability in Micronesian States” Program has been supporting various trainings for the officers from the Division of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection (DMSFWP).

As part of this program to deepen knowledge and improve maintenance skills for the patrol vessel PSS KEDAM’s main engine, three sponsored officers studied at the engine manufacturer’s simulation center at Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia in Singapore from 2nd to 13th October, 2023.

This training course focused on the electronic system of the main engine and covered a wide range of contents from basic design and structure of the machinery to extended engine troubleshooting. This simulation center also provided advanced knowledge that will enable officers to investigate the cause of any failure.

This advanced training is essential for maintaining the operation of KEDAM and is extremely important as it is directly linked to the surveillance capability of Palauan waters.

The Nippon Foundation has been contributing to Palau’s maritime security by providing PSS KEDAM and three smaller patrol boats KABEKEL M’TAL, BUL and EUATEL. It includes incidental cost necessary for their operation such as fuel, maintenance, satellite communication, and training.

The officers were expected to fully apply the knowledge and skills gained in their future missions in Palau.

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