Ricky Ngiraked (2nd from left) officially sworn in as the new chief of the Division of Corrections on June 8 at the Office of the Vice President. With him in the photo is Bureau of Public Safety Director Alloysius Alonz (extreme right).

The Division of Corrections finally have a new chief following the official appointment of Ricky Ngiraked, who had formerly served as acting chief of the DOC for one year and six months.

Ngiraked was sworn in office on June 8 at the Office of the Vice President.

Vice President and Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch said in an interview with Island Times during the swearing in ceremony that with Ngiraked’s appointment, the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) is now fully manned.

“Now BPS is complete. We can now focus on the work of protecting the public and securing the entire Palau,” Oilouch said.

Oilouch also expressed optimism that the DOC is in good hands with Ngiraked’s appointment.

“Before, there were so many problems with the jail…many breakout and people [were] escaping from the jail but for the last year and so, it’s been really smooth there, so he’s doing a good job and I know he will continue to do the same,” Oilouch said.

In a separate interview with Island Times, Ngiraked also expressed his thanks to the President and the Vice President for his appointment, adding that under his leadership, he will initiate efforts to make the jail a safe place for the inmates and to provide rehabilitation program for them.

Ngiraked served as the Acting Chief of DOC since September 29, 2016 and he has over 30 years of experience as a law enforcement officer. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)