The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is now gearing up for an easy data access and transitioning to a paperless transaction with the launching of their Management Data System on June 8.

Information Technology Engineer Dison Sbal said in an interview with Island Times during the handover ceremony and cutting of ribbon for the MOJ’s data system that through the database, all the systems are upgraded and are now transferred to their web-based program which creates electronic filing for all the data.

The program will put the records all together for better access, views, editing, and keeps records of everything, according to Sbal.

Sbal said that through the funding from the United States’s Department of Interior, the Ministry was able to get $686,000 for the creation of the program and over $300,000 for the immigration system.

Sbal said that they are also looking into acquiring a software that will make the new system capable of interconnecting data access among the MOJ departments.

With the new system in place, rapid access to important data is now made easy.

“In the patrol Division, they had rapid access to driver’s license, vehicle registration. All the incident reports that they received everyday through phone calls or report, they’re all stored in the system,” Sbal explained.

Aside from that, the Jail can now also keep electronic records of all inmates unlike before where they only do everything through physical paper and forms.

“These are all done in electronic and now they can keep facial image, finger print of each inmate, now they can keep case history,” Sbal added. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)