Between April 2021 to July 2021 there has been 20 arrest for DUI. And as of latest there are still more arrest that have been made and so far this year there has been two road crash fatalities both involved alcohol consumption.
This clearly indicates that we as a society have a drunk driving problem that the public needs to be aware and protect themselves on our roadway by practicing the following safety driving tips.
-If at all possible try not to drive unnecessarily during the late
hours of the night, information and experience reveals that drunk driving is prevalent during the evening hours and most dangerous after 10 pm and into the morning hours this coincides with the Bar hours where alcohol consumption is at its peak.
-Always be a proactive driver always safely look far ahead and glance behind you while you are driving and anticipate the other driver’s driving behavior. Be a defensive driver and if you see that the other driver driving is erratic, you can always pull over and let the hazard pass before you continue on you safe journey.
-Take your safety, your passenger’s safety and the safety of others seriously at all times. When driving be alert and anticipate every possible hazard and be ready to act to avoid collisions and or crashes. Drive to arrive safely and alive.
-Inattentive driving is when a person does not pay enough attention to their driving and the driving of others. i.e. allowing distractions; such as talking or making calls on the cell phone, reading or sending a text message, mixing your betelnut or picking something from the floor, backseat or compartment while driving. All these practices can become habit and these hazards are worse when under the influence of alcohol.
-Plan ahead, if you are going to drink have a designated safe and sober driver.
-Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. and drivers must always intend to drive to arrive safely and alive.
a crash, a loss of one, two or three lives, a life long permanent disability, a ruined future that is all waiting to happen.

A message from your Bureau of Public Safety.

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