A reminder to all parents of public school students that the regular school year resumes next month, July 13, and not at the end of the summer. 

There is no waiting until the end of the summer to register and procure school supplies.  They are due this month in preparation for the beginning of school in July.

Implementing a new school calendar year, Minister of Education Dale Jenkins reminds parents that school begins on July 13 and registration is ongoing right now.

In addition, the Ministry of Education will hold Kindergarten classes for students 5 years and above.  This is the first time the Ministry of Education assumed kindergarten classes for children below 6 years of age.  The kindergarten classes are for kids 5 years old or will be 5 on or before September 30, 2022.

All new students for grades Kindergarten through 8 must register in the school district where they live.  Returning students may attend the school they attended last year or they can transfer to the school district in which they live.

The school districts are divided as follows, Meyuns Elementary School covers Ngerkebesang, Echang, Malakal, Meyuns, and Madalaii (south of Ngarachamayong Cultural Center), and Koror Elementary School covers Madalaii (north of Ngarachamayong cultural center), Ngerbeched, Dngeronger, Meketii, Idid, and Ikelau.

George B. Harris Elementary School covers Osaka-hang, Iyebukel, Ngerchemai, Ngermid, Ngerkesoaol, Ngerias, and Ngesaol  Airai Elementary School covers the entire Airai, Aimeliik Elementary School includes Aimeliik and Ngatpang (south of Ibobang) and Ibobang Elementary School covers Ibobang.  Ngeremlengui Elementary school covers Ngeremlengui, Ngardmau covers Ngardmau and Ngarchelong Elementary School includes Ngarchelong and Choll hamlet of Ngaraard.  Ngaraard Elementary School covers Ngaraard except for Choll.  Melekeok Elementary School covers Melekeok, Ngiwal, and Ngchesar.  The rest of the elementary schools in different states not listed above are their own districts and students in those states register in those schools.

If anyone has questions, they are encouraged to contact MOE Central Office at 488-6425 or their school offices. 

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