With the outer concrete seawall complete, Surangel & Sons Construction Company has begun dredging the Angaur Dock area, using heavy machinery to clean the basin of the harbor.
The $2.3 million Angaur Dock Improvement Project, designed to protect the harbor from the notoriously-strong waves around the island, has experienced its share of delays, mostly caused by storm surges and rainy weather. However, with construction having begun in early 2020, the project is expected to be in its final months.
Final stages of the project include finishing the side-walls, as well as concreting both entry-points.
Angaur State Governor Kennusoke Suzuky says that the project may be finished by April, but that this is highly dependent on the weather.
“The timeline really depends on the weather, which can really slow down the process,” said Governor Suzuky. “But it’s on its last phase. I understand that the workers are doing things the right way, and not rushing it where the weather will affect the integrity of the structure.”
So far, Surangel & Sons has extended the height of the concrete seawall by eight feet to repel storm surges, and has begun laying down Tetrapods on the ocean floor to slow the impact of the waves. The Governor says that in the past typhoons would cause water to wash into the streets and cause extensive damage to the land and vessels docked in the harbor.

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