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HAGÅTÑA, 24 DECEMBER 2019 — A federal criminal complaint was filed in the District Court of Guam against Richard A. Gapasin Jr. after he was found in possession of nearly three pounds of methamphetamine.

According to court documents, Gapasin was found in possession of a package that contained 1,355 grams of methamphetamine that had been sent to him from California.

Gapasin was arrested at the Barrigada Post Office after picking up the package and leaving the building on Tuesday afternoon.

Federal authorities put a tracking warrant on the package addressed to Gapasin’s post office box on Monday and on Tuesday they placed a tracking device on the parcel.

At 9 am Tuesday, a yellow slip was placed in Gapasin’s post office box.

Around 11:10 am, a man wearing a black shirt and a black hat brought the yellow package slip to the parcel pickup window and presented identification.

He left the post office and got into the driver’s side of a white Mitsubishi Outlander.

Before he could leave the parking lot, federal authorities stopped Gapasin’s car and took him into custody, court documents state.

During an interview with Homeland Security Investigations and Guam Customs officers, Gapasin admitted that he knew the package contained meth.

“Gapasin stated he has received two packages at the Barrigada Post Office which contained methamphetamine,” court documents state. “Gapasin said the first package he received a few months ago contained approximately three pounds of methamphetamine.”

In a written statement to authorities, Gapasin acknowledged his involvement in Tuesday’s package pickup and with a prior package that he received a few months ago.

The criminal complaint charges Gapasin with attempted possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute…. (PACNEWS)