On January 16, 2020, Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) will celebrate its 19th Anniversary in company of the Center’s benefactors. The Anniversary Dinner Gala is PICRC’s largest event of the year and is intended to raise funds to support PICRC’s research, outreach, and education work while providing an enjoyable night for the Center’s supporters.

With a little over three weeks left before the big event, PICRC continues its preparations to ensure its success. Benefactors have already shown their support; from the purchasing of tickets, to voluntary donations, PICRC has already fundraised over twenty-thousand dollars that will go directly to serving the people of Palau.

“Benefactors play an enormous role in PICRC’s ability to carry out its mission,” stated PICRC CEO Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, “We thank our supporters for believing in our work as it is through their donations that we are able to conduct research and education to support conservation of our precious resources, traditions and culture.”

The Center started receiving donations at the beginning of December. In the past few weeks PICRC received support from the following contributors:

  • Palau National Communications Corporation, $1,500
  • Palau Shipping Company, $400
  • Palau Royal Resort, $100
  • House of Delegates CP&D Committee, Delegate Otobed, $100
  • Delegate Sebastian Marino, $500
  • The Nature Conservancy, $1,000
  • Delegate Jonathan Isechal, $400
  • Western Carolines Trading Company, $500
  • IP & E, Palau Inc., $500
  • Palau Sunrise Sea View Ladison Retreat, $700
  • Yasuda Scholarship Foundation, $15,000

Seeking to extend its list of benefactors, the Anniversary Dinner Gala will be held on PICRC’s grounds and will be broadcast live by Palau Wave Radio. Tickets are now available for $100.00 per person. For more information, please contact Ms. Jenna Mersai at 680-488-6950 or jmersai@picrc.org