POHNPEI (PACNEWS) — Federated States of Micronesia’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Kandhi Elieisar and the Ambassador of Japan, Hisashi Michigami have signed an agreement to acquire four mini patrol boats and US$2.7 million worth of diesel fuel.

The Japanese support is in response to FSM’s request to assist with surveillance and policing of its large exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

FSM is comprised of four states and the mini patrol boats will be distributed to the four states of Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae.

The patrol boats will assist the FSM keep the nation’s borders safe and secure.

“I extend our deepest gratitude to the People and Government of Japan, with whom we share a Kizuna (special bond), for moving forward with our request for four mini-patrol boats. The threats posed to our nation by illegal fishing, near-shore poaching and harvesting of marine resources, and human trafficking, are entirely real. Additionally, these boats can assist the FSM with search and rescue efforts and disaster relief. Altogether, the patrol boats will assist in our Nation’s overall commitments to a Free & Open Indo-Pacific and the broader Indo-Pacific Strategy to keep our Blue Pacific Continent secure, said President David Panuelo.

In addition to the signing ceremony for the four mini-patrol boats, the Secretary and the Ambassador also signed the procurement of approximately US$2.7 million worth of diesel fuel. This marks the second time that the FSM has received assistance of this kind, with the first donation received in September 2020…. PACNEWS

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