Focuses on development sustainability, community-focused growth

Palau’s Economic Symposium was successfully rebranded this year as the Development Symposium, focusing on sustainable development and community-focused growth. 

“Our theme reflects our expanded focus.  We are not just talking about economic growth. We are exploring energy, tourism, education, technological innovations, and social initiatives …all crucial drivers of our economic growth,” said Kaleb Udui Jr., Minister of Finance, in his opening remarks.

Incorporating the community for the first time, the Symposium featured programs aimed at local community development, such as the Taro Seedling Project dubbed “From Seed to Shelf: Empowering Local Food Systems through Grants, Farming, and Processing,” showcasing the taro cultivation project that currently include 20 women’s groups in Babeldaob. 

Representatives of the women’s groups and students from Palau Community College and high schools were in attendance, representing demographics targeted in the development goals.

Highlighting the event was the food presentation prepared by the groups involved in the Taro Seed Project.  Every food presented used taro as a base or main ingredient.  Many dishes are original creations, and the rest were taken from popular foods but with taro as the main ingredient, such as taro sandwiches, taro mochi, taro crunch, taro fish soup, and many other delicious and nutritious flavors.

The event, hosted by Palau’s Ministry of Finance, took place at NgaraAmayong Cultural Center in Koror on November 16, 2023.

The event was the setting for the launch of the Palau Development Plan, an update of Palau’s Sustainable Tourism Plan, and the Economic Update 2023 for Palau. 

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