Opportunities to further education beyond high school for Palauan’s students are “here to the sky,” said President Surangel Whipps Jr., based on the number of scholarships offered to the graduating high school seniors this year.

“We have now close to 20 to 30 students with virtually full tuition rides to Eastern Oregon University, which is just a great thing to happen,” said Dr.Dale Jenkins, Minister of Education, during a press conference on Wednesday, June 28.

In addition to opportunities at Eastern Oregon State University, there are scholarships to universities in Taiwan, Australia, Japan, England, Ireland, the United States, and others.  Whipps said this year, there were fewer applicants for the Taiwan scholarships than the available scholarships.

Graduating seniors from Palau today have a lot of opportunities to pursue a college education through numerous scholarships offered by Palau’s development partners as well as the Palau National Scholarship Board. 

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