Ekei's Christmas Parade brings Christmas cheer to many families. Other groups and NGOs joined to spread the joy! Photo credits: Telbakes Yano

On Sunday, December 20th, the kids from Airai and Koror were seen in the early morning waiting for candy drops from the floats participating in the Ekei Christmas parade. Once again, the annual Ekei event brings Christmas cheer to kids of all ages, from Airai to Koror.
This year, joining the Ekei Parade to bring joy were floats from Ebiil Society, Palau Public Utilities Corporation, The Filipino Community in Palau, Surangel and Son’s, WCTC, Dngeronger Hamlet, Medalaii Hamlet, High Cares (Hikers), and Sureor Gym Warriors.
When asked about their parade experience, High Cares said that it was their first time participating in the parade and they loved the experience because of the joy on the kids’ faces when they received their candy.
The event was put together with the idea of spreading Christmas joy and to give kids a memorable experience this Christmas season, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The magic of Christmas did not stop there, the Thunder Chiefs held their Christmas Toy Run for kids who live in Babeldaob.
Koror State Christmas Village also opened its doors to the public and will be open until Tuesday. The lights in Ngerulmud have also been set up and people have been basking in the beauty and have been taking pictures as well.
And kicking off the Christmas cheer earlier this month was the Christmas Drop which brought nearly 70,000 lbs. of gifts and goods the outlying states and Koror.
The Ekei Christmas Parade started at 9am and each of the floats drove from the Palau International Airport all the way to Ngerkebesang. Each of the floats were festive, decorated with a wide variety of Christmas decorations, and stood out from each other.

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