Today is the election day to find a new Senator to fill in the shoes of late Senator Jonathan “Cio” Isechal, and I’ll say good luck to whoever wins because those are not easy shoes to fill.

As I think of who to vote for tomorrow, I am finding myself truly missing the late Senator Isechal, that brave, straight-talking, respectful, but tenacious personality.  This was the man that you may not agree with on all issues, but you knew where he stood on issues.  He took on cases for the underdogs, not caring whether or not he lost votes or whether or not the topics were politically correct.  He took on controversial topics, topics that most congressmen won’t touch.  Most of all, he was someone anyone felt comfortable calling to voice concern regardless of their position in society.

I am hoping that anyone of the candidates running can sincerely be that Senator for the people the late Senator “Cio” was.  I know he left large shoes to fill but I am keeping my fingers crossed and wishing for the best. (L.N. Reklai)

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