A 38-foot emergency boat and a lighthouse were installed for Peleliu through the national funding to help ease transportation to the state especially in times of emergency.

Officials from the national government and Peleliu gathered on Friday, October 22, for the cutting of ribbon for the two projects.

During the sidelines of the ceremony, Peleliu State Governor Temmy Shmull told Island Times that the people of Peleliu previously requested from the national government to include in its FY 2019 appropriation a supplementary budget for their emergency transportation.

“We simply appreciate the fact that we were able to work cooperatively and very closely with the office of the president and both houses of the congress,” Shmull said.

According to Shmull, the emergency boat cost $150,000 while the lighthouse, which was built at the entrance of the channel to Peleliu, amounted around $50,000-55,000.

The lighthouse is powered through solar energy while the emergency boat is also fully equipped with spotlights and is capable of travelling even when it is windy.

According to Shmull, having the boat is very useful for the people of the state especially in times of emergency.

The boat could also be used in helping search and rescue operations, according to Shmull. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)