Jessica S. Emesiochel, Program Coordinator at the Division of Solid Waste Management, Bureau of Public Works and Weena Antonio, Senior Recycling Technician of Koror State Solid Waste Management Office will be attending JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program called Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination of Data Regarding Solid Waste Management.


The course is designed for Solid Waste Management officers to study collection, methodology and analysis of SWM data such as solid waste generation, collection, recycling and composition.  The data is important for the officers in charge to understand the situation, to set the target, and to enhance resident’s understanding and cooperation.  After this course, Emesiochel and Antonio will be able to make basic solid waste management plan and will be able to manage solid waste processing and recycling facilities.

The training will be held from February 19 to March 4, 2017 in Yokohama with twelve participants from four countries, including Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Nigeria.

For more information regarding this and other JICA Programs, you may contact the Ministry of State or call JICA Palau Office. [/restrict]