Valentino Emesiochel has been appointed and “revealed” as the Rebelkuul, the first chief of Ngatpang State, according report received by Island Times.  Rebelkuul is the first Chief of Ngatpang while Rekemesik is the second chief but represents Ngatpang traditionally.

Rebelkuul Valentino Emesiochel on a phone interview with Island Times said that he was appointed by Delangebiang clan members of Ngatpang and “revealed” as the Rebelkuul of Ngatpang according to a special Delangebiang tradition requiring that the Rebelkuul be revealed in Ngetkib, Airai.

On August 23, members of the Delangebiang clan of Ngatpang went to Ngetkib, to the BlairaNgerulang where an event occurred and witnessed by members of Delangebiang clan and Ngerulang confirming Valentino Emesiochel as Rebelkuul according to custom and tradition.

According to Rebelkuul Valentino Emesiochel, this is tradition for all persons that take on the title of Rebelkuul to come to Airai to be revealed and obtain their title or “melairaulkungel”.

The last process of joining the Ngatpang chiefs (Ngaimis), to obtain his seat in the bai or “Melobech” will take place next week.

Those said to have witnessed the special event “revealing” Rebelkuul in Ngetkib were Adelbai Jack Masters, Dil-Adelbai Doran Inabo, UbadKerungil Augustine, Benjamin Masters, RemesechauOtobedAdelbai, Rebelkuul Valentino Emesiochel, EbilSadamiSubediang, Rechiuang Lee Otobed, Dil-RechiuangEnitaEtpison, Madrasikos Louis Subediang, Masa Aki Emesiochel, TadaoSkebong, AmaniaEmesiochel, Carlo Otobed, RidepEmesiochel and Jenkins Emesiochel and others.

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