You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep everyone warm.  ~UNKNOWN

Along the edge of our vegetable garden were sugarcane and pineapple bushes. They were fence-like  boundaries that separated the vegetables from the banana trees growing on the hillside  going down to the mangroves. Why?  I was told that they were to keep the garden safe and healthy, also to protect the topsoil from sliding downhill during heavy rain.

You’ve heard it said, “I’m so tired of So-n-So who thinks he can just walk all over me. These people are verbally abusive and oppressive. They do not respect your boundaries.  They don’t respect you because they don’t respect themselves.  It’s time you set healthy boundaries to protect your heart from heartless narcissists and those whom you are the topic of their talk. They are dangerous people.   In the depth of their souls is shame.  Sometimes I read their messages and wonder: “Why so much anger and hate?” In this age, with Facebook, the ones who think they’re the king of the hill will spit fire down on you with intent to destroy you. Some play their victim card to manipulate you. These are the ones who are always criticizing you.  I suspect it’s subconscious on their part. They really don’t know what they’re doing or saying. Just move on.

Boundaries are emotional muscles that need exercise and practice to resist wounding. 

I have learned more by watching and observing others and how they overcome fear, chaos and hatred. I find courage and strength in them. To fail forward, to learn from your and other’s mistakes.

Today I set healthy boundaries that support and protect my emotional well-being, time and energy. As I show love and respect to myself, others will recognize that in me and will also give them permission to do as well. 

Remember me loving you.💕

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