On May 8th, Minister Baklai Temengil, MCCA Management Team and Staff gathered at the Senior Citizen’s Center at Medalaii to award the Employees of the 2nd Quarter to the Ministry’s exemplary employees for their outstanding services and dedication. Awarded employees of the 2nd Quarter: standing in front with Minister Temengil to the left are Mr. McMichael Mutok of the Bureau of Historical and Cultural Preservation, Ms. Marencia Antonino of the Belau National Museum, Mr. Leory Techur of the Bureau of Aging, Disability and Gender and Mr. Hadden Seklii of the Bureau of Youth, Applied Arts and Career. Standing in the second row behind the employees of the 2nd Quarter are the respective Directors of each bureau/agency. The Ministry applauded the employees for their hard work and encouraged everyone to continue doing their best to provide services to our community.