PPUC building

The Palau Public Utilities Corporation Board of Directors wishes to inform the public that it has gone through its selection process of hiring a new Chief Executive Officer following the advertisement of several vacancy announcements regarding the position over a period of two years, and on May 04, 2020, after receiving the resignation of Mr. Gregorio Decherong from the Board of Directors, he became the new Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.

Due to the resignation of Mr. Decherong as chairman and director of the board, a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors was held yesterday afternoon where the board decided that Mr. Ngiratmetuchel R. Belechl, who is the Vice-Chairman of the Board, will become Interim Chairman of the PPUC Board of Directors until the board Annual Meeting which will be held in July.

We are grateful for the years that Mr. Decherong has served as a member of the PPUC Board of Directors and we believe that we, as the board, will continue to work with him to make the much-needed improvements that our only utility corporation needs.