POHNPEI, 11 MAY 2020 (MARIANAS VARIETY) — Camillo Noket, chief justice of the Chuuk Supreme Court and former president of the Pacific Judicial Council, passed away on Monday, 04 May.

“It is with great sadness to have learned of the untimely passing of Chief Justice Camillo Noket,” said CNMI Rep. Ivan Blanco who has familial ties to Chuuk.

“Every time he would visit Saipan, he took time to visit friends and family. His last visit was January of this year for the Pacific Judicial Council. The CNMI Legislature, through the Association of Pacific Islands Legislatures, offer our prayers to the Noket and Mori families and acknowledge his many years of public service,” Blanco said.

Known for his commitment to justice and public service, Justice Noket led a distinguished decades-long career, serving in multiple capacities, including as the former president of the Pacific Judicial Council, former attorney general of the FSM, and former chair of the Xavier High School-Micronesia board of directors.

The Office of the President of the Federated States of Micronesia noted that Noket was “the first Micronesian to pass the FSM bar without formal attendance at a law school.”

Noket’s former colleagues at the Micronesian Legal Services Corporation also expressed their deep appreciation for the chief justice, recalling his time serving as directing attorney for their Chuuk office.

“I remember first meeting Camillo in 1989 at Chuuk airport as I arrived with my family to work as a staff attorney in the Chuuk MLSC office,” said one of his former colleagues who declined to be identified. “Camillo was then the directing attorney of the office. Camillo became a fantastic mentor for me ever since then. I always respected his insights, advice, and guidance.”

The late chief justice will be laid to rest in Chuuk….PACNEWS