Twenty-five Palauan college seniors, juniors and recent graduates have been awarded the Palau Fellowship Award to complete an 8-week internship experience this summer.

This opportunity will provide the students with practical experience in their respective fields, while also allowing them to build networks that will be useful to them in their future careers. The selected students will be working with various agencies in Palau including government organizations, non-profit organizations and private companies.

Two of the students were approved to complete their internship in New York City, with the Palau Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office. The Palau Fellowship Award is an 8-week paid internship program that includes a bi-weekly award, as well as a paid airfare to Palau or other approved place of internship.

This is one of the scholarship awards provided by the Palau National Scholarship Board, for Palauan college juniors, seniors and recent graduates.  The following is the initial list of summer 2023 interns.

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