I read an article about an amazing woman who used her life experience to empower homeless families to regain their foothold in society.
The inception of her visions happened in college, while working on a project, which was designing a coat that turns into a sleeping bag for the homeless.
The CEO and founder of Empowerment Plan knew only too well what it was like living in poverty. She used her life experience to forge through all the obstacles she was faced with in hopes of giving families in need a chance for a better life.
She stated that while she was handing out the coats, one lady approached her and asked her for a job instead of the coat, which gave her the push needed to build on her non-profit organization.
Empowering people helps communities to grow healthy and prosperous. It allows individuals to evaluate themselves and to change their behaviors in order to achieve their life goals.
I often tune in to the Palau Presidential weekly conference shown on YouTube. There was a topic on unemployment. Minister Tmetuchel stated that his office will help individuals with their resumes and that they’ll work with employers to place the individuals seeking work or help them get trained, so they can qualify for the jobs they’re seeking.
If the government has these types of incentives and willing to empower those in need, why are there so many that are still unemployed? Often times people are too proud to start at ground level and work themselves up the ladder.
Lack of self-awareness coupled with pride can deter people from being gainfully employed or reaching their life goals. The jobs available are not going to make house calls and plead for people to work. It’s up to each person to take the initiative to better themselves by taking advantage of the resources available to them, even if it means their starting point is scrubbing toilets.
The success of empowering people can only be successful if the recipients are open and honest with themselves. Lack of skills and education hinders a lot of people from excelling in the workforce.
Palau receives WIOA funds to assist individuals in securing jobs in both the private and public sectors. They have programs that will empower job seekers to be gainfully employed. Their mission statement says it all. Other programs are also available through PCC.
With these incentives available for job seekers, I can’t help, but wonder why people complain about not being able to secure any work. Is the networking process between private and public sectors working?
It makes me look back in time, when people were not so proud to get down and dirty to earn a living, while getting a little help through programs like USDA assisted food programs and SNAP, formerly known as The Food Stamp program until they move on to self sufficiency.
I remember a very good friend of mine once told me that I can’t serve others unless I serve myself. Empowering myself will give me the confidence in myself to empower others.
Self awareness is a skill that can help us to move forward in our personal development by accessing our strengths and weaknesses, motivating us to build on our strengths and improving on our weaknesses to gain self confidence and know our self worth.
Through self awareness we can empower ourselves and have the courage and confidence to prioritize matters in our lives to live a happier and productive life.

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