Scaling Up Pacific Adaptation (SUPA) is an EU funded project for ten Pacific Countries being regionally implemented the Global Climate Change Alliance Plus of the Secretariat of the Pacific Communities (SPC – GCCA PLUS) to support Pacific communities to either Scale Up or provide continued support to existing ADAPTATION projects in Palau. The Office of Climate Change coordinates and supports the implementation of the Palau SUPA Project with its three national partners.
The Division of Media Services (DMIS) of the Bureau of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of State is one of the national partners of the Palau SUPA Project. The Palau SUPA project will enhance DMIS capacity and capability to increase media coverage for all of Babeldoab and Koror including strengthening its radio programs on Climate Change through the “strengthen its resilience through community, education and outreach in Palau” component of Palau SUPA project. This activity will also include a fully operational Media Van that will enable EPFM 87.9/Ngerel Belau to remotely broadcast live news or community events from Babeldoab and Koror through a wireless system including ability to conduct live interviews on television.
While, the Department of Environmental Health will receive support to reduce vulnerability to water and vector borne disease for the states of Airai, Aimeliik, Ngatpang, Ngeremenglui and Ngardmau. In 2017 MOH and its partners conducted similar activity for Koror and Babeldoab states; however, the five states mentioned were not a recipient to the activity due to funding limitations but thanks to SUPA, MOH and its partners will be able to continue this activity to the five remaining states. The SUPA activity also entails construction of water tanks for the five evacuation shelters with capacity building for both state and community officials to ensure water quality in the water tanks including workshops to educate state and community members to reduce both water and vector diseases in the five states.
The last but not least national partner is the Ministry of Education. Through the Palau SUPA project, MOE will be able to continue its on-going coastal monitoring program for grades 7 and 9 in Palau. The Ministry of Education partners with Palau Conservation Society and UK based college to monitor and compile coastal debris to support future policy consideration of coastal management of our marine resources.

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